5 Reasons Why You Need to Hang A Chandelier in Every Room

5 Reasons Why You Need to Hang A Chandelier in Every Room

Placing a chandelier in every room might look like something insane to do but its not! Why save all the fun of a chandelier design to a formal dining room? Chandeliers are made to transform a space with its glamour and sheer exuberance and there are pretty good reasons why you should consider placing it as well in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

Today, courtesy to the Luxxu blog, we decided to reiterate the fact that, you should be bold and place a dazzling chandelier in every single corner of your home, instead of keeping the old fashioned tradition of hanging it only in a formal dining room.


What better place to amaze guests than the entry hall? Make the most of a tall ceiling and add a dash of drama with a large-scale light fixture. The incredible thing about these pieces is that it may just be what you need to liven up the whole space, with only one design you transform a boring room into a king’s palace!

Living room

The living room is the place you will want to put more effort into. It is where family and friends gather and spend time together. Make those moments a little bit more special with the presence of a chandelier. And it doesn’t have to be all glitz and glamour, there are plenty of styles to choose from but this one is a great example!


Offset the sleek lines and utilitarian finishes of a kitchen with a playful, sculptural chandelier. If you have the space, hang a pair of matching chandeliers for double the impact, they will make cooking much more pleasant!


Nothing says “master suite” like a truly fabulous light fixture. High ceilings can handle oversize, tiered designs, such as this gracefully curved example; besides adding panache, it’ll help to make the room feel more intimate.


The bathroom is usually the last room decorators and designers worry about, but that’s definitely the wrong strategy. Guests will rarely think of a bathroom as a luxury space, and that’s why you should impress them. Bathroom chandeliers are not just for hotels. Transform your bathroom into the ultimate luxury spa with a light fixture, there’s nothing to be worried about.  And please, hang over a fabulous freestanding tub.

Hope you enjoyed these ideas and got enough inspiration to lift up your home’s interior design.

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